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About me

Born in the North-West corner of Germany (Ostfriesland), I have lived for a long time in Bremen, Germany. For almost four years now my wife and I have lived in Sydney - for us one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

I have been involved in bird-photography for more than 10 years now, but this passion has grown considerably since we have arrived in Australia, inspired by the fantastic nature and the abundant wild/birdlife of this beautiful country.

Slowly I am improving my photographic skills in other areas as well, but as you will notice from my portfolio, I am addicted to outdoors life which is in close reach even from Sydney; be it the National Parks around the city or the Blue Mountains area for example.

In the meantime (after more than 9 years in Sydney) I have retired and we have subsequently returned to our old home in Northern Germany and are adapting back to a very different life. This website is still alive though and will keep reporting what's happening in our new environment.


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