fotowarkstee galleries

This is the starting point for all my galleries. When re-publishing this web-site, I have introduced a few changes, because the organisation of the various albums had become a bit disorganised and illogical. So, a few words might help you browsing the content. (Erklärung auf Deutsch)

  • The “Birds” galleries are following a taxonomic approach. The species are sorted according to the orders as defined by Winler. D.W., S.M. Billerman, & I.J. Lovette (2015) Bird families of the World: An Introduction to the Spectacular Diversity of Birds Lynx Edicions, Barcelona and contain predominantly albums of individual species.
  • The “Tours and Excursions” galleries hold exactly that: reflections of the tours undertaken by Hanna and/or myself.
  • The “Locations” albums reflect on locations, which have impressed us. You can probably imagine that there are redundancies and cross-overs between the “Locations” and the “Tours and Excursions” and I have inserted cross-links wherever useful.
  • “Wildlife” holds my photos of living animals except birds
  • “Events” provide our impressions of things that happened around us.

Please enter, explore and enjoy.

If you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!