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December 2019

A lot of things have happened meanwhile, more or less well represented through a growing number of albums, but a lot of news have not made it to this page ...

At the end of 2018 I have retired and after some more travelling around Asia, New Zealand and Australia my wife Hanna and I have finally returned to Germany at the end of March 2019. We have been busy reorganising our life but have more or less settled now so we can focus a bit more on filling the additional "free" time with travelling. And I promise that I shall honestly try to dedicate a bit more of my time to updated this page more regularly.

Our trip to South Africa in October 2019 is well worth to be mentioned here, if you like to jump ahead, here are the links to the respective albums: South Africa and the Leopards of Sabi Sands.

Stay tuned!


Today on November, 12, 2016 I have more or less completed the update of my homepage using the ttg Backlight web tools. Feel invited to explore the results of my photography, maybe starting with my bird galleries:

Alfred's bird photos