Grey Butcherbird

Butcherbirds usually place their prey on a thorn allowing them to tear it apart more easily. I witnessed a Grey Butcherbird squeezing a Feathertail Glider (the world's smallest gliding possum which is named for after its long feather-shaped tail) in a forked branch.

Some of you might be put off by viewing this, but the photos show something that happens every day as part of nature.

I was lucky enough to see this event which is seldom witnessed in the wild. Technically difficult to photograph because the bird was high up in a tree and we had strong winds, moving the branches continuously at least a meter to the left and right. I basically saw the details of what had happened only after I got home and viewed the shots on my computer screen.

Grab the slider and move it left/right to see the full story as it developed.

Look at it with interest and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!