Barking Owl Ninox connivens

The Barking Owl is a nocturnal predator and belongs to the “Ninox” genus. These birds use their ability to see their prey as opposed to the owls of the “Tyto” genus, which use their hearing skills to find their food. As a consequence, the hearing owls hunt later in the night, as they do not rely on seeing their prey. The Barking Owls hunt during dawn and dusk utilising their excellent vision capabilities.

As all owls, the flight of the Barking Owls is very silent allowing them to hunt almost undetected under the canopies of Australia’s open woodlands. Barking Owls nest in tree hollows and will defend their territories from other birds. Barking owls pair for life and show only little visible difference between males and females there i8s mainly a slight size variation. This can nicely be seen in the photos showing a pair of these birds.

Barking Owls are found throughout continental Australia except for the central arid regions.

They have a very characteristic call, which in some cases really annoys their human neighbours, when they go on for hours. Have a listen yourself through the link below.

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