Norfolk Island - a beautiful Australian Pacific Island!

The official Norfolk Island website says:

Captain James Cook was the first to officially discover Norfolk Island, describing it as “paradise” – a term he did not use liberally in his journals. From 1788 to 1854, this paradise became a harsh penal colony and home to hapless convicts. Today, it is home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers whose barefoot manners, warmth and hospitality have been woven into the island’s unique and timeless rhythm – a special charm that draws visitors back time and time again.

After a hectic December Hanna and I decided that it would be probably a good ideas to visit Norfolk Island - and what a great idea this was! We had great fun on New Year's Eve spent at the Jolly Roger Bar, a "must to visit place" on that little Island. The Jolly Olly Roger, Matt Zarp, has put on a fantastic show! Great music, relaxed atmosphere and great food - one can't expect more. This was one of the best NYE events we have been to since we have come to Australia!

The birds were also cooperating (well, I probably should not include the Morepork in this) and so we had a great time together.

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!