Leopards of Sabi Sands

The "Leopards" album presents photos taken in an area in the North-East of South Africa, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve to be precise.

When we visited South Africa in 2019 we went first to Cape Town and from there to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. We have combined wildlife viewing with a photographic tour organised by the fantastic people from Tusk Photographic Tours. We stayed at the Elephant Plains Lodge, all in all an unforgettable experience.

This album presents my leopard shots. Sabi Sands is a real stronghold for these big cats. You will see impressions of the life of these big cats from drinking in the morning, playing and preening but also a cub feeding on the kill of the night, an animal going into the night for a new hunt but also a female leopard attending to its serious wounds it had got from an earlier fight.

The album also contains some hyena shots because the lives of leopards and hyenas are really closely linked. The cats need to be quick otherwise the hyenas steal their kill from them. They simply outnumber the leopards - and they are quick to appear when they get only a vague indication of successful leopard kill

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!