White Rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis

A White Rumped Sandpiper had been reported at Lake Wollumboola over a couple of days last week, so we went on a short twitch on Saturday and we were rewarded with great views of this bird.

Rohan Clarke has said on Birding-Aus: "It's an impressive find - the first twitchable one in Australia for at least 20 years".

The relevance of seeing a specific bird species is always linked to where it happens. The Sandpiper usually lives and migrates along the East Coasts of North- and South America. So for a long time none of these birds has reliably been watched by birders in Australia. A lot of people (including us) got excited and travelled (and still travel as I write this) to Lake Wollumboola to see this rare individual bird.

Fortunately is has been very compliant and stayed at the same place and was not too bothered about people watching it.

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!