Broome Bird Observatory and Roebuck Plains 2018

The official BBO website says:

We’re passionate about the amazing birds that visit and live in globally-unique Roebuck Bay, and we strive to share this passion with the people of Australia and abroad to encourage the preservation of this international treasure, and our flyway, for generations to come.

I can fully confirm this statement! Having visited and stayed at the Observatory, we can confirm that a passionate team is at work there! Should you ever get the opportunity to visit: Go!

We had decided deliberately to visit Broome at this time of the year(March/April) as this is the moment when the waders have dressed up in breeding plumage and are almost ready to take off for their long flight to the northern hemisphere. The adjacent Roebuck Plains had received some decent rain in the last months, so there was an additional attraction because the inundated plains serve as feeding and breeding grounds for a great number of birds preferring a freshwater environment.

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!