Desert Parrot Trip - A once in a lifetime experience!

From the first second I became aware of the Desert Parrot Trip organised by Mark Carter, I knew I had to go! Of all the Australian locations and landscapes I have visited there are two areas standing out: Far North Queensland and the arid regions of Australia. Almost for the first time I was more driven by the prospects of visiting one of those areas (again) than by the prospects of the new birds, which I could possibly see there (almost true statement). I have been on tour with Mark before and new he would be a great guide and I have learned in the course of the trip that Chris Watson was a congenial partner for this tour. Thanks to you tow guys! When on tour with a group, you usually find some of the people in the group great to travel with, you don't mind others and occasionally there are a few people that just annoy you. In this case I have enjoyed the interaction with everybody in the group - which I have rarely had before.

Thank you guys for the great company, it was pleasure to travel with you! Below this text are some links to videos taken while riding Australian outback roads - we have been even on "highways" there!

Enjoy and if you like, feel free to provide comments via the Contact page!