Raptors of Inala 2015 - the new raptor hide is a cracker!

Raptors of Inala 2015 - the new raptor hide is a cracker!

Raptors of Inala

My family and I have visited Tassie and Bruny Island several times. We got attracted to this place soon after our arrival in Australia from Germany in early 2010. Being interested in birds and bird-photography I found Inala while searching the web. We received also positive comments from members of the birding club in Sydney and so we went and have never regretted going. Meanwhile we have made friends in Hobart and on Bruny and this has added human faces to these great places. But I need to mention explicitly the fantastic birding opportunities because they keep us coming back as often as we can.

When we stayed at Inala over Christmas 2014 I used the new bird hides at Inala for the first time and was blown away by the experience. At that time the "40 Spotted Tower" got me straight into the world of the 40-Spotted Pardalotes; tiny but spectacular birds that are endangered and endemic to Tasmania. The results of hours of watching and "shooting" can be seen here: Little gems of Inala.

Already then our daughter and I have spent some time in the Raptor hide, which had been completed just prior to our arrival and we got great views of a juvenile Swamp Harrier for example, but it became very clear that I would need to come back in winter, when the raptors can be expected to turn up more reliably. The raptors come in and feed in the paddock on road-kill moved there preventing the birds being killed themselves while feeding on the roads.

The time for another Tasmanian adventure had come on the long weekend in June 2015! It was all a bit hectic due to getting out of Sydney late, some further delays in Hobart, which led to a "missed weekend shopping". But our friends in Hobart, Kim and Eril, did not only offer me a bed for the night but allowed me to raid their fridge as well. The missing pieces were covered by Tonia on Bruny Island.

The resulting shots of just two days and a morning of intensive photography are a very pleasing reward for this trip (5 species of raptors!) conducted at a great place - Inala - enabled by true friends. Tasmania will always remain on our Radar screen: great country, nice people and incredible birds. The only negative to mention is the need of wearing long "undies" for the first time since we have arrived in Australia, but that was a price paid with pleasure ;-)

See, enjoy Grey Goshawk (White Morph), Brown Goshawk, Brown Falcon, White-bellied Sea Eagle and the Wedge-tailed Eagle in action – and they don’t even know you are there so minimal impact too. So go and see yourself!

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