Express more emotions through Images

Having been locked up at home for almost 3 weeks due to getting through my first COVID infection I had the time to experiment with some unusual development settings for a few of my images. Inspired by and based on the work of Gavin Seim, I have asked myself what else could I potentially do with my photos. Would there be ways to express more emotions for example compared to what I had got when applying a technically correct methodology of processing my images?

At first I was thinking the methods Gavin describes would probably not work with my bird images, but I'm not so convinced of that any longer. But have a look yourself.

The concept of this page is simple: There is a version of an image, showing it processed in a traditional way and then one that uses sometimes radical mods to the images, e.g. increasing grain, shifting tones, blurring elements, performing color to black&white transformation but also applying many other concepts as well.

Just grab the central slider and move it left/right to compare the variants.

Since this is an initial step, I will keep modifying this page.

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